Saturday, 12 May 2012

Rainkoat Reiki

I went to Rainkoat Reiki to help manage my stress levels. I had been suffering from insomnia, shortness of breath and bruxism which were affecting my well-being. Karoona, my friend and practice founder, suggested I do the 5-session package toget the maximum benefit out of the healing. 

Having been to Karoona for individual sessions before, I understood how powerful even one attunement could be. The prospect, therefore, of five weeks of Reiki was a welcome one.

The progress I made from my first to my final session was immense: both physically and emotionally. During my initial session, I felt intensely relaxed as if my whole body was magnetised to the bed. The jumpiness I felt from my elbows to my fingers and from my knees to my toes were energy blockages making their way through the body; much like my grumbling stomach which was the repository of my pent-up emotions. 
The after-effects were equally enlightening. I experienced a ‘healing crisis’, which involved a lot of sleeping, feeling on the cusp of flu and a bit weepy. This is perfectly normal, Karoona assured me, and something to be welcomed, as the Reiki rids ‘the issues in your tissues’. She was right.

My worries, fears and anxieties gradually lost their sway over me. I felt more tranquil with each attunement and subsequently more in control. My reactions to typical stressors began to shift, along with my perspective on life.  As a result, my physical stress symptoms abated. The most profound part of Reiki for me is ironically its subtlety. Rather than simply leaving your relaxed in the moment, it accompanies you long after the session has ended. I can’t recommend it more. 

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