Sunday, 2 January 2011

Man Flu Musings

I've been struck down with a serious case of Man Flu. The much derided and seemingly apocryphal ailment germane to the Y chromosome has infiltrated my world. Think raw nose, battery sneezing and enough antibacterial gel to sterilize a Jersey Shore smush room. (Sorry Snooki...) In fact, I'm feeling so sorry for myself, I could probably write a Country and Western song. Instead, I raided the guest room where I keep my second wardrobe and started creating new looks for 2011. I'm thinking of those Grace Jones razor edges for some East Coast preppy. Could this be the psychoactive delusions of a Lempsip and Ibuprofen cocktail? Give it another 48 hours and we'll see...

Cos top, Aquascutum shirt, River Island skirt, Dries Van Noten shoes

Wildchild Vintage tartan wool skirt and Joanne Hynes belt


Cupcake said...

The man flu is the worst flu ever!! Cute outfit tho!

Anonymous said...

Saw SJP (as carrie) wearing a similar look with the white shirt and cream jumper recently! Hit